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'Government should not increase retirement age'

'Government should not increase retirement age'

U K   ¦    Jan 10, 2018 10:03:05 PM (IST)

\'Government should not increase retirement age\'-1Mysuru: The proposed increase in retirement age by two more years for state government employees by the state government will have adverse affect on young graduates, said Anil Kumar, President of Green India.

“Earlier it was 58 years but former CM Yeddyurappa made it 60. On the one hand, this has caused unrest among the youths as the unemployment problems are increasing day by day. This is a major cause of worry as most of the opportunity deprived youths are indulging in all sorts of anti-social activities for their livelihood which becomes inevitable once they are denied or deprived of any lawful job opportunity. More number of unemployed youth today possess graduate or post graduate degrees. Why do they have these degrees? Obviously to get a suitable job. On the other hand, efficiency of the aged at work place will be at its worst. By pushing the employees for two more years, it will further delay youngsters getting into government jobs”, added Anil Kumar.

In a day or two, the members of the organisations will be submitting a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner D Randeep and also try to meet Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.