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Final election bout for me says CM Siddu hinting at retirement

Final election bout for me says CM Siddu hinting at retirement

Special Correspondent(MY)   ¦    Jul 15, 2017 05:06:12 PM (IST)
Final election bout for me says CM Siddu hinting at retirement

Mysuru: Chief Minister Siddaramiah hinted at contesting in the Assembly elections for the last time in his long political career.

Speaking to media at his T K Layout residence, CM said, "Enormous pressure is being mounted by supporters on me to contest from Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency. At the same time, people from Varuna want me to contest for the second time. Chamundeshwari constituency gave me a political rebirth and I got elected 5 times from there but ultimately I will abide by the Congress high command's decision and contest from one of the constituencies given to me."

Refusing to comment on the central prison bribery issue, CM said an enquiry had been ordered and action could be taken only after the investigation report was submitted by senior official Vinay Kumar.

The situation in DK is under control and if media and politicians keep quiet for some time it will get back to normal, he said accusing BJP of fomenting trouble with its divisive agenda.

Calling himself a staunch "Hindu", CM said the political strategy employed by BJP in UP elections which gave the party resounding victory would not work in Karnataka.

On BJP Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha’s allegations about the state government hijacking central schemes and not inviting the area MP for important programmes, CM Siddu shot back and said the programme schedules could not be drawn to suit MP’s availability and asked Pratap Simha to participate on his own and not rake up an issue on that count. "There is nothing like central and state schemes as most are driven by tax payers’ money and an MP should be aware of that before issuing statements," CM added.