Even after Dasara, Mysuru roads still riddled with potholes

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Even after Dasara, Mysuru roads still riddled with potholes

Even after Dasara, Mysuru roads still riddled with potholes

U K   ¦    Oct 15, 2019 10:23:19 PM (IST)

Even after Dasara, Mysuru roads still riddled with potholes-1Mysuru: Even though the Dasara festival is over, many of the city's roads continue to be riddled with potholes. Even the roads in Yadavagiri, where the Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner's residence is located, is riddled with potholes.

Mysuru city is regarded as a clean city, however, a lot of work needs to be done when it comes to the roads. The roads are usually repaired before the Dasara festival, however, this time the Mysuru city Corporation authorities did not take much of an initiative to repair the roads. While some of the main roads have been fixed, many interior roads have been neglected.

Surprisingly, even the road opposite the Corporation Commissioner's residence has a huge pothole. If this is the condition of the road in front of the Commissioner's residence, one can only imagine what the roads are like in other places.

Yeshwanth Kumar, a Yadavagiri resident who works in a private firm, said, “The second main road in Yadavagiri, opposite the railway tracks has been in a pathetic condition for many days. The authorities have only put the jelly and have not completed the work, which causes more problems. It’s the same with the road connecting Yadavagiri industries, which is also opposite the railway track. The authorities have assured us that they would asphalt the road a few months back, however, they have failed to keep their promise. We hope the authorities take steps to repair the roads at the earliest."

When the complaints and the condition of the roads were brought to Mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath's notice, she told Newskarnataka, “Fewer funds were allocated to take up road repair work during Dasara. Each ward was given only Rs 5 lakhs, which is not at all enough. Hence, we couldn’t take up road repair works completely. We are, however, doing our level best. Tenders have been floated to take up various road repair works and the work will begin soon."