Educational session on Interventional Neurosurgery held

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Educational session on Interventional Neurosurgery held

Educational session on Interventional Neurosurgery held

U K   ¦    Oct 29, 2018 08:47:56 PM (IST)

Educational session on Interventional Neurosurgery held-1

Mysuru: The Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru had organised an educational session for all neurologists, neuro-surgeons, intensivists and physicians.

Management of acute stroke has seen a paradigm shift in recent times, said Dr. A R Maqsood Neuro-Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru while delivering a lecture on acute stroke interventions along with Prof. Dr. Med. Shakir Husain, an expert in Neurointerventions.

“Interventional neurosurgery treats disorders of the blood vessels of the brain, spine, head and neck using a minimally invasive approach, usually working from within the blood vessels. The tools of interventional neurosurgery are tiny catheters (tubes) and precise imaging equipment, allowing procedures to be performed through small incisions in the skin, directly inside the affected blood vessels. It is a minimally invasive, endovascular approach that can treat vascular problems of the brain and spinal cord. Many conditions that were previously untreatable or required more invasive surgery can now be treated using this kind of surgery”, said Dr. A R Maqsood Ahmed A R who has been trained in Interventional Neurosurgery under Prof. Dr. Med. Shakir Husain Interventional Neurologist, Professor of Neuroradiology and Deputy Head, Department of Neuroradiology and Director of International Fellowship Programme, University Hospital , Zurich, Switzerland.

Nearly 114 participants including neurosurgeons and related experts took part in the interactive session. It was also a platform for neuro surgeons to share their experiences in the field.