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Dyeing units operating illegally seized in Mysuru

Dyeing units operating illegally seized in Mysuru

U K   ¦    Jul 06, 2018 01:02:42 PM (IST)

Dyeing units operating illegally seized in Mysuru-1Mysuru: A day after nearly eight auxiliary colouring units that were operating illegally were shut by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) authorities and police cases were filed against the owners of these units, KSPCB along with Tahsildar, Corporation health officials with the help local police personnel raided dyeing units and seized two units operating without valid permission at Bannimantap.

Speaking to Newskarnataka BM Prakash, Pollution Control officer said “Based on instruction from Deputy Commissioner Abhiram Shankar we raided two dyeing units coming under NR Police Station Limits. During our raid, one of the units was locked while the other one was open but there were no employees. We have seized two of the eight dyeing units and will seize the remaining in the coming days.

"All these illegal units have been set up by people from Tamil Nadu. Some of them pay more than the normal rent in the area while few have set up unit where there is less movement of people or houses. The owners of dyeing unit take space for rent and the colors used are sent through UGD which is not common in Mysuru but is quite common in Tamil Nadu where the groundwater is found to be highly polluted. Most of these dyeing unit owners start work during night time and if they come across any officials or police they run away. The dyeing unit owner, employees are usually from Tamil Nadu. Action will also be initiated against those landowners. According to IPC, there will have to pay fine and face imprisonment. We are also trying to initiate criminal act where they can be imprisoned for five years”.

He also mentioned that though CESC officials had disconnected power to illegal units, the units continue to operate using generators. Since Tamil Nadu government is taking stringent action including seizure of the dyeing units, they have started to move to other places where there is less hindrance. With the help of local nexus and by paying more rent they begin their operations.

Tahsildar Ramesh Babu, Corporation Health officer Dr Nagaraj and Tabassum were also present during the raid.