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Delhi team disqualified from PU national level volleyball tournament

Delhi team disqualified from PU national level volleyball tournament

U K   ¦    Dec 05, 2017 09:00:36 PM (IST)

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Mysuru: The Delhi State Pre-University boy’s volleyball team was disqualified from participating in the pre-university national level volleyball tournament, organised by Citizen PU College in association with DDPU, Mysuru, held at the Citizen PU College premises.

The Gujarat team raised an objection, in the middle of the quarterfinal match, that four of the Delhi players are above the age range specified. After examinig the documents given by the Gujarat team to prove their allegations, the jury committee disqualified the Delhi team.

The Gujarat team members found out that some of the players in the Delhi team were over aged and brought this to the notice of the jury committee. The Gujarat players mentioned that among the 12 members in Delhi team, four were over aged and even doing their under graduate degree. After this was brought to the notice of the jury committee and paying Rs 1000 as a protest fee, the Gujarat team officials managed to produce some evidence including facebook screenshots, to prove that some of the players were studying in a degree college.

The committee, after examining the evidence to their satisfaction, disqualified the Delhi team from the tournament and in turn, the Gujarat team was declared as the winner in the quarterfinal. Later, in the semis, the Gujarat team lost to Chandigarh but managed to win the third place by defeating the team from Tamil Nadu. Prof Chandra Kumar, Preetham Singh, observer from the School Games Federation of India and Prasad, Principal of Citizen PU College were part of the three member jury committee who took the decision to  disqualify the Delhi team.

Prasad said, “The Gujarat team, while playing the quarter final match against Delhi, protested alleging that a few of the Delhi players are over aged. They even paid Rs 1000 as protesting fee. After our observers from SGFI, Preetham Singh and Chandra Kumar, cross checked the facts and decided to disqualify the Delhi team from the tournament.”

Punjab team won the title: In the keenly contested finals, the Punjab team beat Haryana, 3-1, to win the coveted title. Over 28 teams took part in the PU national level volleyball tournament. The tournament was concluded on Monday, December 4.