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Compulsory English course for foreign students

Compulsory English course for foreign students

U K   ¦    Feb 09, 2018 10:31:36 AM (IST)

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Mysuru: Owing to the lack of knowledge of the English language among most of the foreign students enrolling in the University of Mysore, the university's Academic Council took the decision to conduct a one month compulsory English course for all the foreign students.

The decision was taken at the third ordinary meeting of the academic council held at the Crawford Hall here on February 7. The decision put forth by C Basavaraju, In-charge Vice Chancellor, UoM, was welcomed by a majority of the members. According to this decision, the foreign students who have enrolled at the university must attend a month long English course before their respective courses begin.

“The teaching faculty and guides had lots of complaints regarding the lack of knowledge of English among most of the foreign students. The teaching faculty had a lot of difficulty communicating with these students. Following this, a proposal was put forward in the academic council where the move was welcomed by the members”, said Basavaraju. Some members even suggested keeping the English classes for three months. A fee of Rs 5000 will be collected for the English coaching classes (bridge course) conducted by the University’s Centre for Proficiency Development and Placement Services.

Common entrance examinations for PG courses from next academic year

During the council meeting, the decision was also taken to conduct a common entrance examination for 14 different PG courses. Comparative Literature and Translation Studies, Cooperative Management, Development Studies, Folklore, Jainology, Linguistics, West Asian Studies, Peace and Conflicts Resolution, Philosophy, South Indian Studies, Women's Studies, Rural Development, International Relations and Master of Information and Library Sciences are the courses for which the entrance test will be conducted.