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Complaint against son Yatheendra leaves Siddu fuming

Complaint against son Yatheendra leaves Siddu fuming

Special Correspondent(MY)   ¦    Jan 28, 2019 05:23:35 PM (IST)

Complaint against son Yatheendra leaves Siddu fuming-1

Mysuru: Former CM Siddaramaiah's anger knew no limits when a lady complained to him that Varuna MLA Dr Yatheendra is never seen in the constituency.

Siddaramaiah took part in a public meet in a village in Varuna constituency on Monday, where Taluk Panchayat former vice-president Jamlath told the former CM that Yatheendra, the local MLA, who is also Siddaramaiah's son is not accessible to the people. As she raised the issue, she thumped the table, which raged the former CM.

Responding to this within seconds, Siddaramaiah snatched away the mike from her and thundered, asking her to be seated smuggly.

At one point, when the lady tried to explain her point, the former CM physically pushed her, directing her to sit and then went on to say, "You are speaking as if we have done some grave injustice to the country."

However, spectators who witnessed this behaviour of the former CM were confused as to whether the complaint against his son irked the former CM or the fact that the lady thumped the table right in front of him.