Competitive examination centres in all divisions

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Competitive examination centres in all divisions

Competitive examination centres in all divisions

U K   ¦    Jan 26, 2018 10:14:29 AM (IST)

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Mysuru: During an interaction with the students of Maharani's College, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah appreciated the students for coming out with relevant questions. On the occasion, he also announced the construction of Indira Canteens and setting up of competitive examination training centres at each division.

After inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for various projects including the first phase of the additional building to Maharani's Commerce and Management College and hostel facilities for its students, Siddaramaiah patiently responded to the volley of questions from Maharani's College students.

K B Pallavi, a student, said, “First of all I want to thank you for providing the much needed additional building and hostel facilities. We come from average families and it is difficult to take up training for various competitive exams including IAS exams. Hence, we request you to set up competitive training centres at the college premises so that we can make use of it and try to become IAS officers.”

Replying to Pallavi, Siddaramaiah assured to set up competitive training centres in all divisions including one in Mysuru.

The interaction with students went on for nearly 30 minutes. More than 9500 students who pursue various courses at Maharani's College, come from not only across the district but also from the neighbouring districts.

Indira Canteen to be set up at both the college centres:

When Spoorthi, another student, asked if canteens such as the Indira Canteen could be set up for students, Siddaramaiah said that two Indira Canteens would be set up-one in the new building premises and another in the old building premises.

Education of girls:

"In foreign countries including America, the higher education percentage is 80 to 85 but in India it is just 24 percent, while in Karnataka it is 26 percent. Hence to increase the higher education percentage in the state to at least 40 percent in a few years time, we are going all out in our efforts in providing quality education at all levels starting from primary education", said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

After inaugurating the first phase of work of the additional building for Maharani's Women’s Commerce and Management College and hostel facility, he said, “It’s good that more girls are getting educated. Across the state 52.80 lakh boys are studying from first to tenth standard while only 48.78 lakh girls are in the same grades. When it comes to higher education, only 40 percent of women are going for higher education. If women become educated, those who are at home will also get educated hence, it is also important that more number of women get educated across the state."