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Basava Express passengers inconvenienced by foul smell

Basava Express passengers inconvenienced by foul smell

U K   ¦    Dec 04, 2017 09:55:58 PM (IST)

Basava Express passengers inconvenienced by foul smell-1Mysuru: Passengers of the Basava Express travelling in unreserved compartments, travelling from Bengaluru to Mysuru, were inconvinienced by the foul smell eminating from the bio toilets that were fitted in the coaches.

On Monday, those travelling especially in the last three unreserved coaches (next to AC coaches), had to suffer a great ordeal due to the lack of maintenance of the bio toilets fitted in the unreserved coaches. The passengers sitting near the toilets suffered the most as it was difficult to sit in their seats, but they had no other option and were forced to stay in their respective coaches.

Kumuda, passenger from Bengaluru speaking to Newskarnataka said, “It doesn't seem that the authorities have maintained the bio-toilets properly. From the time I boarded the train in Bengaluru, there was a very bad smell emanating from toilet and it lasted the whole journey till I reached Mysuru. The authorities should give importance to cleanliness.”

Basava express departs from Bengaluru at 11.30 am and reaches Mysuru at 2pm or 2.30 pm.