Apollo BGS Hospital conducts walkathon for awareness on stroke

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Apollo BGS Hospital conducts walkathon for awareness on stroke

Apollo BGS Hospital conducts walkathon for awareness on stroke

U K   ¦    Oct 29, 2018 09:19:27 PM (IST)

Apollo BGS Hospital conducts walkathon for awareness on stroke-1

Mysuru: The Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru conducted a walkathon to promote awareness about stroke on October 29. The theme of the campaign was “support” and the focus of the campaign is to raise awareness on the key issues of stroke.

The event was held to observe World Stroke Day on Monday with a message, ”Yes! You can survive a stroke" to the local community. The walkathon included hospital staff, management, doctors, nurses and the patients who have survived stoke in the past.

“It is to be noted that a stroke is also called a Brain Attack. It occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to a part of the brain or when a blood vessel bursts. If you reach a hospital with comprehensive stroke care unit then your doctor can perform brain imaging and other tests and treat you for immediate recovery from your symptoms”, said Dr. Somanath Vasudeva, Senior Consultant and Head of Department of Neurology

“Stroke is the fourth largest cause of disability and death in India. It was at the sixth place, a decade back. Stroke is potentially treatable though limited by time. Early treatment is crucial as more brain cells are saved and the improvement is significant. Thus 'TIME IS BRAIN' and 'ACT FAST' to survive stroke”, added Dr. Vinay Hegde - Consultant Neuro Radiologist at Apollo BGS Hospitals.

Dr. Aumir Moin, Consultant Neurologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals who also spoke on the occasion said, “Recanalisation treatments are in the form of intravenous recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (tr-PA) and/or for mechanical intra-arterial therapy in selected patients. These treatments can be beneficial only if done quickly after a stroke. The golden hour for these treatment options is ideally within 4½ hours.”

N G Bharateesh Reddy , Vice President, Apollo BGS Hospitals said, “Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore offers comprehensive stroke management services with a state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled neuro & interventional stroke team on board. Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore also has the most advanced neurocare centre treating maximum stroke patients in the region.”