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AI aided cardio service to nursing homes by Columbia Asia

AI aided cardio service to nursing homes by Columbia Asia

U K   ¦    Oct 04, 2017 09:57:08 PM (IST)
AI aided cardio service to nursing homes by Columbia Asia

Mysore: The Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru has announced a first of its kind initiative in the city, "Helping hand to nursing homes which do not have 24/7 cardiac support", a complete technological solution to diagnose and interpret cardiovascular issues in real time. The technology works on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform handheld device that can provide preventive cardiac care to people who may not even be aware that they have heart issues.

On the occasion of the World Heart Day, Columbia Asia will provide free ECG machines to ten nursing homes in and around Mysuru, who do not have 24/7 cardiac support. The technology will be implemented in these hospitals which would aid them in receiving real time analysis of their diagnosis.

Announcing this in a press briefing, Dr. Upendra Shenoy, Chief of Medical Services and Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru said, “Healthcare has reached a stage in which technology has very well blended with medical care. In perilous times, where a cardiac emergency goes unnoticed at most of the places where a specialist concerned is not available, this particular ECG machine facilitates immediate response from a cardiologist at Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysore. This will be in less than 5 minutes in case of an anomaly in the ECG report, which helps the patient reach a medical centre where a cardiologist is present for immediate treatment and care. This will be a very effective mechanism to save many lives.”

How it functions?

The ECG will be done at the remote nursing home post which is transmitted to the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru for intervention and further advice. The doctors at the hospital will then connect with the patient with abnormal ECG and advise on further course of action. The initiative helps people to gain immediate emergency intervention in case of an anomaly in their ECG reading which sometimes would have gone unnoticed due to the absence of a cardiologist at a stand-alone nursing home or a remote geographic area. Within two minutes, AI intervention will happen for any ECG and within five minutes, a cardiologist will read an abnormal ECG and advise the patient. This will benefit the community in many ways which does not have an easy access to quality healthcare.

Rahul Tewari, General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospital; Dr. C B Keshavamurthy, Interventional Cardiologist; Dr. Upendra Shenoy, Chief of Medical Services, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon and Dr. Sasirekha, Interventional Cardiologist were also present at the press briefing.