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Wife blames CCB inspector for husband's suicide, probe ordered

Wife blames CCB inspector for husband's suicide, probe ordered

SC AN   ¦    Aug 10, 2018 03:41:27 PM (IST)

Wife blames CCB inspector for husband\'s suicide, probe ordered-1Mangaluru: A woman has reportedly accused Mangaluru City Crime Branch of abetting her husband's alleged suicide.

Venkataramana from Puttur, took his own life on August 4 following mental and physical harassment by CCB inspector Shantaram and his team, alleged the wife, Gayathri.

According to her, her husband and three others had started a partnership firm by pooling money and investing a total of Rs 19 Lakh into the business. She alleged that the other three partners took over the business soon after and sidelined her husband. The business, however, soon incurred losses and the partners tried to use the CCB to recover money from her husband, she added.

Inspector Shantaram and his team began harassing her husband and even physically assaulted him, which led him to take his own life, alleged the wife.

Meanwhile, Mangaluru city police commissioner T R Suresh has informed that a case has been registered and that a probe into the matter is being conducted. He has assured that necessary action would be taken against the accused policemen if their involvement was proven.