Want to contest polls on Congress ticket, says Poojary

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Want to contest polls on Congress ticket, says Poojary

Want to contest polls on Congress ticket, says Poojary

SC MKU   ¦    Mar 15, 2019 02:41:35 PM (IST)

Want to contest polls on Congress ticket, says Poojary-1

Mangaluru: Senior Congress leader B Janaddhana Poojary has made it clear that he is a dependable candidate for the Congress among other ticket aspirants of the party.

He was speaking to the media persons on Thursday in Mangaluru and said that it was the people’s wish that he contest for the elections in the DK parliamentary constituency.

The veteran politician said that his clean political image has made people support him as they see corruption in politics.

He said among the 18 lakh voters in the DK constituency, if the people from the Billava community and the minorities vote for him he would not be defeated. Janardhana Poojary belongs to Billava Community.

Poojary said that Rajendra Kumar, SCDCC Bank President, who is a front runner for the ticket is immersed in corruption and is lobbying the Congress high command for tickets. "Rajendra Kumar does not have even primary membership of the party and is unfit to become a gram panchayat member. Ivan D Souza, Parlimentary Secretary will not get ticket," he said adding that if the ticket is issued to either of them, he would contest as an independent candidate.

He also said that he would support the candidature of B Ramanath Rai, Moideen Bava, Vinay Kumar Sorake and B K Hariprasad.

Poojary said that he had expressed his desire to contest in the Lok Sabha elections to the high command much before the other ticket seekers. He would be travelling to Delhi to meet Sonia and Rahul Gandhi within two days.

Janradhana Poojary has been contesting in Lok Sabha elections since 1977. He has won four and lost five so far. He was the Union Minister in both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s term.