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VHP urges CM to take back statement on RSS, BJP

VHP urges CM to take back statement on RSS, BJP

DV   ¦    Jan 13, 2018 07:06:06 AM (IST)

VHP urges CM to take back statement on RSS, BJP-1Mangaluru: Taking offence at Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for his remarks, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Chief M B Puranik on January 12, urged Siddaramaiah to take back his remarks on RSS,BJP and Bajrang Dal naming them as terrorists.

Addressing a press meet at VHP office in the city, M B Puranik said that CM Siddaramaiah being in a responsible position, inorder to get political mileage should never use such "cheap" statements against an organisation which was striving for the betterment of Hindu society. "CM Siddaramiah is frustrated. That is why he is giving such statements. Siddaramaiah who came to the power in the name of AHINDA, is now claiming that he is a Hindu."

He also said, "As soon as Siddaramaiah government came to power they withdrew anti-cow and cattle slaughter bills".

He further said that Siddaramaiah has been involved in divide and rule politics.

"Hindu society has united against suppression of Hindus. After Siddaramaiah government came to power the cabinet dissolved Gauseva Ayog", he added.

He also said that though CM had visited Udupi, he never met Udupi Matt's Pejawar Seer. He has also failed to curb illegal cattle slaughtering and love jihad in the state, he alleged. He is using the platform of "Sadana Samavesha" to spread anti-Hindu policies, he said.

Bajrang Dal leader Sharan Pumpwell and others were present.