Ullal's 'oil wells' leave residents in state of fear

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Ullal's 'oil wells' leave residents in state of fear

Ullal's 'oil wells' leave residents in state of fear

Sc BH   ¦    Nov 08, 2018 11:06:15 AM (IST)

Ullal\'s \'oil wells\' leave residents in state of fear-1Ullal: The unscientific disposal of waste water from an unidentified source in the vicinity has been costing dear to the residents of Kanekere in the Deralakatte area of Belma GP limits.

As many as five wells meeting the drinking water requirements of the local villagers have been left contaminated. The villagers say that the contaminants have turned the water inflammable and has unleashed havoc in their lives.

The locals say that problems had started cropping up after a commercial-cum-residential complex in Deralakatte junction started releasing sewage down into the Kanekere area many years ago. This had left the wells in the area contaminated and when the pleas of the local residents to the district administration fell on deaf ears, local GP decided to cut off the sewage line, thus bringing a sigh of relief to the locals. For several years after this, they were coping up with water issues, but now they are again shocked by the fact that some unidentified source is polluting the wells, that too to a scary extent.

To their dismay, contaminated fuel/oil mixed waste water is being released into the village again. When the locals drew water from the well for testing, they could get the stench of petrol from the water and what was even more shocking was that the water even caught fire!

The GP has been supplying water to the locals, but that is not sufficient. As a result, the villagers are compelled to get tanker water paying money.

Kanekere resident Usman says that the plight of the village may be because of leakage from a petrol station nearby. However, the villagers only assume that this may be the culprit, while there is hardly any proof against the owners of the fuel station.

The claim has been rejected by the fuel station manager, who says that if there is a leakage then they too would be affected by the same. "We have seen no difference in our stock. If there was leakage, we would be the first ones to fix it up because the extent of damage that has been caused is huge and to lose that amount of fuel is not affordable to any business venture, " said the manager.

The locals are adamant that the contamination is caused by this very source because they say that the fuel station owners and the manager refused to visit the village when they were asked to inspect the area.

The locals say that the issue is taking a toll on their lives as they have been deprived of the right to clean water.

"People in general and little children in specific have developed skin ailments. A report from health department too, speaks of water in the wells that is unfit for consumption and usage for other purposes," said Irshad Ismail, another resident of the area.

Belma GP vice president, Sathar said that the water will be sent for testing and based on the report appropriate action will be taken up.