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TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!

Media Release   ¦    Jul 11, 2018 03:01:35 PM (IST)

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!-1

'Transit one' a unique mall near Thokkuttu on the Kerala Highway (NH-66) is well on its way to completion - it's expected to be complete by the year-end.

It's a unique opportunity for traders and consumers alike as it is strategically located to serve a large captive yet flexible market.

The highway sees a large volume of traffic inflow of travellers to and from Kerala, Coastal Karnataka, Goa & Mumbai... The neighbourhood is full of potential consumers as Thokottu, Ullal, Deralakatte, Kotekar-Beeri etc..are largely bereft of good quality shopping avenues.

Large institutions such as Universities, Hospitals, Medical colleges, IT companies, large & Medium scale industries, Beach resorts etc..operate in this region. For eg. Yenepoya University, NITTE University, Mangalore University, Infosys, Fr. Mullers institute, PACE, BIT are few among the many large Organizations in the region.

With the upgraded infrastructure on the NH 66 Highway, its expected to be hardly a 10-minute drive from Mangalore City centre to Transit One & will attract large footfalls from the city as well.

The Boutique mall is also expected to be the first stop for visitors to the city from important smaller towns in Kerala such as Manjeshwar, Uppala, Kumbla & Kasaragod to 'Stop, Recharge & Restart'.

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!-2

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!-3

Dream Project

It all started as a dream just a few years ago., Ecologic Habitat's vision for setting up world-class Boutique Transit-highway shopping experience was then backed up by concrete plans & time-bound goals.

Careful crafting of the design process and systematic implementation of contemporary construction practices have helped them come a long way in getting closer to their goals.

They now stand satisfied with their vision having taken good shape and the exteriors of the building now complete. The work on the interiors & services integration have now commenced and are moving swiftly for timely delivery by Dec- 2018.

Ecologic Habitats, the builders who made this dream come true, identify niche markets through careful market research and design products that add value to their customers' investment. This is evident in the customer satisfaction ratings that they have garnered and the ROI their customers have earned from their investments in their products.

Ecologic Habitats has solicited the services of some of the leading consultants & professionals in the construction industry from all over the country to provide cutting edge technology to create an excellent finished product.

The list of professionals includes consultants for Landscaping, Graphics, HVAC, Building Management systems, Lighting, Retail Management, Architecture, Structural engineering, Fire-fighting, MEP, Electrical & many others.

They have also paid special attention to sourcing of the material that has gone into the construction of the Mall. Its been done from all parts of the world - Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and so on..

The Boutique Highway Mall boasts of premium specifications such as central air-conditioning, 2 swiss branded escalators, 1 passenger & 1 Service lift, Fire-fighting systems, External & internal landscaping, Automated-Building Management Systems, Dynamic lighting,2 basement floor parking, External LED Display/Advertising screens, Rustic/Industrial themed interior design, 24-hour Power backup,etc.

The attention given each detail of its construction adds up to a quality product - aesthetically and structurally. Its market positioning only adds to its value. In a nutshell, its value for money all round.

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!-4

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!-5

Return on Investment

Transit One offers attractive plans for investors who are looking for investments with good & steady rental income - guaranteed Rental Return offers are also available for select shops for a limited period. The promoters say that only a few shops are up for sale in the last sales offering by Ecologic Habitats. Buyers can also avail huge discounts on 100% payment.

Mall management services

The journey that they started doesn't just stop at handing over a beautiful finished product. The challenge they believe lies in ensuring successful operations and management of the property. For this purpose as an optional additional service, they have decided to provide Mall management services to their customers and Clients. These services will include Lease Management, Facility Management, Business development Consultancy, Re-sale consultancy, Finance Management, Mall marketing & Promotions, Market Research- Tenancy mix, Mall positioning, Zoning etc.

The vision of creating a unique niche in the market by providing innovative and inspirational products consistently is what keeps them going at Ecologic Habitats and they want you to be a part of that journey...

Team Ecologic Habitats thanks all its customers, well-wishers, consultants and vendors for their support in helping them stay committed to their work quality & delivery schedule.

TRANSIT ONE Boutique Highway Mall: A unique mall with unique offers!-6

Ecologic Habitats is now offering Attractive Monsoon offers and rental assurance on a Final few select products. Select stores with Guaranteed Rental Assurance available for a limited period.

Stores starting at Rs 25 lakhs are up for grabs until July 30, 2018.

Avail best offers and customized solutions to all your real-estate requirements at the earliest by connecting to them on the address below.

For more details on Progress of work do visit or write to them at

To Book your space contact: +91 97410 70000 / +91 824 4112 666