10 food delicacies that are a must-have in Mangaluru

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10 food delicacies that are a must-have in Mangaluru

10 food delicacies that are a must-have in Mangaluru

Ruby Pinto   ¦    Jul 03, 2019 01:38:21 PM (IST)

Mangaluru: Feeling hungry? On a cool, rainy day are your taste buds waiting for something tasty? Food is a basic necessity that none can stay without and if the food is lip-smacking, then it just makes the whole situation merrier.

Pleasing our taste buds while trying to live a healthy lifestyle is a complicated task. However, when you are in Mangaluru, there are some dishes you just should not miss. Here are 10 of the best Mangalurean dishes that every individual will definitely drool over:

1. Kori Rotti: This Mangalurean style chicken curry is served with a thin rice bread. The curry is prepared with chicken, spices and coconut milk and served with thin wafer like bread made of rice locally called 'Rotti' to add to the lip-smacking flavour of the curry. The Rotti is usually sourced from groceries whereas the chicken curry is prepared to suit the level of spice tolerance of an individual. 

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2. Chicken Sukka: It is a dry chicken dish made of chicken, grated coconut and spices and usually served with Appam or Neer dosa, which is typical to Mangaluru. It also serves as a good side-dish for rice-based dishes, especially boiled rice.

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3. Fish Pulimunchi: This is a dish which is credited to the Bunt community of Mangaluru. In the local language of the city, Tulu the word Puli means sour or tangy whereas Munchi means Chilli or spice. The combination of the two, pulimunchi, is a dish based on fish locally available in the city, namely Mackerels and Sardines and is a must-try for the seafood lovers.

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4. Goli Baje: On a light monsoon evening, people usually crave for some hot snacks and tea. On such an occasion, Goli Baje is the go-to snack which is usually served with chutney. These spongy or soft fritters are made with all-purpose flour and deep-fried in oil. This dish is basically one of the favourites among mangaloreans.

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5. Boiled egg churmuri: Churmuri is the most popular road-side snack that is spicy, with a pinch of tangy flavour contributed by raw mangoes. But in Mangaluru, the boiled egg spin-off version is quite popular. A mixture of puffed rice, lime juice, raw mangoes, boiled eggs and a few vegetables make for some truly savoury experience.

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6. Buns: These are banana based fritters that are loved by people in and around Mangaluru for breakfast or an evening snack. They are usually served with spicy coconut chutney or sambar that add to its flavourful taste. They are so yummy when hot and crispy that you can eat them without any accompaniments.

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7. Patrode, Patholi: Patrode is a dish made of Colocasia leaves that is stuffed with spices, tamarind and jaggery making each one’s taste buds linger. It is a dish that has originated from the Konkani community in Mangaluru.

Patholi, generally referred to as Gatti in Tulu, is a popular dish among Mangalureans. They are steamed rice rolls which are stuffed with a fresh coconut and jaggery mixture. They are wrapped in Turmeric leaves and cooked. This is a dish that has turned out to be a necessity during the Gauri-Ganesha festival here. 

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Credits: Cook with smile-Vidya's recipes

 8. Pork Bafat and Pork Indad: Popularly known as Dhukramaas among the Mangalureans, Pork is a dish that is a must-try with Sannas (Idlis) or as a side dish for Rice.

Pork Indad is basically a signature dish of pork that is an amalgamation of Portuguese cuisine and typical Mangalurean spices. It has a sweet/spicy sauce with a hint of mint and a kick of rum at the end.

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9. Masala Pundi: Referred to as rice dumplings, Pundis are traditional rice balls that is usually served with a spicy curry or coconut chutney. But Masala Pundi includes spices infused in rice dumplings that make it all the more tasty to be eaten without any accompaniment.

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10. Chicken ghee roast: This is a recipe that will leave you drooling each time the thought of it comes to your mind. It is prepared by cooking succulent pieces of chicken, marinated with an aromatic masala and roasted in pure ghee. This dish will leave you surprised and satisfied at the same time, by its effects of being one of the best dishes of Mangaluru till date.

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