Survivors will grace Int'l Children's Cancer awareness day at KMC Attavar.

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Survivors will grace Int'l Children's Cancer awareness day at KMC Attavar.

Survivors will grace Int'l Children's Cancer awareness day at KMC Attavar.

Media Release   ¦    Feb 14, 2021 06:56:00 AM (IST)

Survivors will grace Int\'l Children\'s Cancer awareness day at KMC Attavar.-1Mangaluru: The only hospital in the district with a Pediatric Haematology Oncology department, KMC Hospital Attavar which provides Special cancer treatments to the children will observe the International Children cancer awareness day in Sanjeevini Auditorium on 15.02.2021 starting morning 10:30 AM.

Child cancer survivors will participate in the program. These little heroes will be the centre of attraction. A talk program is going to be held where these kids can share their experiences and opinions. The program will be hosted by the famous RJ of Mangaluru RJ Erol, 92.7 Big FM. Dr Harsh Prasad (Child Cancer Specialist) will join these kids as it goes live on Facebook on Monday.

The main purpose of the program is to create awareness about cancer in children among the public, to inform the public about the various treatments available for childhood cancer, and to support children and their parents mentally to deal with cancer. 

According to the Indian Council for Medical Research, in India among the total cancer cases, 5.5% are in children.

In the last 10 years, the number of cases has doubled. according to the statistics available in India annually 50,000 cases of childhood cancer are been reported. But sadly, only one child in 10 gets the complete treatment. Thus the rate of treatment in types of cancers like Lymphoma and leukaemia, which are generally found among children, is lower in India by 30% in comparison with the other countries by 80%.

Childhood Cancer International in 2002 started celebrating the ICCD worldwide. It will be celebrated on 15 Feb every year. Childhood cancer International has global connections in 88 countries with 171 member organizations. It works at reducing the death rate of children from cancer, and it has the aim of reducing the pain and predicament caused by cancer globally.

KMC hospital Attavar is one of the reputed hospitals in the coastal area in Karnataka. since the last 20 years, the pediatric haematology-oncology department has been working to treat all kinds of cancers found in children. It has its own oncology ward for children, a nursing team, a specialized doctors team, social workers, data managers, pediatric surgeons, and a radiography department. At present, it is witnessing 80 new child cancer cases every month, and treating the lymphoblastic leukaemia cases with a 65-70% rate of recovery.

Dr Harshprasad, the chairman of the child cancer department, KMC hospital Managalru, Ravi Kiran, Chairman of the Paediatrics Department, and Dr John Rampuram, medical head of the KMC hospital Attavar will participate in the event.

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