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State government lethargic in opposing Kasturirangan report: DVS

State government lethargic in opposing Kasturirangan report: DVS

Deekshith DV   ¦    Apr 20, 2017 04:53:40 PM (IST)

Mangaluru: Commenting on Karnataka state government urging the union government to withdraw the third notification, declaring the Western Ghats as eco- sensitive zone, Union Minister D V Sadananda Gowda said, "Karnataka government has delayed its move against the Kasturirangan report. Neighbouring states Kerala and Goa opposed the report without any delay. In Karnataka, it was the BJP that urged the government to oppose the Kasturirangan report."

State government lethargic in opposing Kasturirangan report: DVS-1

Addressing the media here on April 20, he said it impossible to understand the ground reality through a study based on satellite images.When this report was tabled, the union government had sent circulars to all the states to study the ground reality, merits and demerits, he added.

"Union government had asked the state government to conduct studies at hobli, panchayat and village levels, gather public opinion and prepare the report. But Karnataka government was never concerned about this. All the ministries concerned including the state forest ministry did not bother about this. The opposition had to exert pressure on the government through protests.

If this report is implemented several people will lose their houses and no developmental activities will take place. The work should have been done at the village level comparing the revenue department and satellite reports. What is stopping the state government from preparing a scientific report and submitting it to the union government. If the report comes union government is ready take up the matter. We have spoken to the PM and union ministers already but the state government is yet to prepare a report."

On Supreme Court's order pressing criminal conspiracy charges in Babri Masjid demolition case against Advani, Uma Bharathi and Joshi, Gowda said, "This is the decision of the court and I don't want to discuss that issue. But this issue took place 25 years ago. We cannot say why the case has been delayed. Union government will decide on how to proceed further. But pointing fingers at Advani and other leaders is not proper. Advani held a Rathayathra during the incident to preserve our culture as it is our worshipping centre. No one should politicise the faith."

On by-poll results in Karnataka, Gowda said that by-elections differ from state to state. "It differs from the political environment of the whole country per se. In Karnataka we never expected such verdict in by-polls. But some sympathy factors have worked there. But it is not the defeat of BJP. Our base has expanded there. Coming elections people will elect us."

He also said that people were accepting the strong decisions and administration of Narendra Modi. All parties in the country are scared and tensed about losing their identity due to Modi-led BJP government, he opined.

He denied changing of party leadership and said the percentage of votes for BJP had increased in by-polls.