St Theresa School annual day leaves audience emotional!

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St Theresa School annual day leaves audience emotional!

St Theresa School annual day leaves audience emotional!

Sc BH   ¦    Dec 01, 2019 06:44:03 PM (IST)

St Theresa School annual day leaves audience emotional!-1

Mangaluru: Teachers, they say get little students just like a lump of clay. On this clay, the teachers invest time and patience and shape beautiful pots.

While some students remember the contributions made by the teachers to shape them into responsible individuals, many don't.

However, the annual day celebration of St Theresa's school in Bendoorwell, held on Friday evening witnessed an emotional moment of a student thanking his teacher for shaping his life.

Smart City, Mangaluru, General Manager (administration) D Maheshkumar was the chief guest at the annual day programme of the school and as he was invited to address the gathering he sprung a pleasant surprise for his teacher present there. When he announced that he wanted to thank his teacher present there, the audience was taken by surprise for a few seconds. However, soon he revealed that Principal of the school Sr Philomene Saldanha was his teacher, who shaped his life. The atmosphere of the annual day changed when Mahesh Kumar recalled the episode that took place in Ave Maria School in Sirsi decades ago when he was a school boy.

"It was the day the management had decided to send me out of the school. That morning, Sr Philomene had reported to duty. It was her first day. She had a leg injury and yet she had reported to work. She was to take charge as my class teacher. That day, before the management could get rid of me, she told the management that she wanted to have a talk with me, “he said fighting back tears.

"She changed my life and whatever I am today, I owe it to her," he said seeking permission from Bethany Congregation Superior General Sr M Rose Celine to hold a felicitation for his beloved teacher.

After he, along with his family, accompanied by other dignitaries completed the felicitation, Maheshkumar said that though he had often expressed his urge to give something as his token of affection, his teacher always refused to accept anything. "She would always say nothing to me. If you want to do something do it to for the school," he said.

The audience too was left with damp eyes seeing this gesture of a student, who after reaching a respectable position in society deemed it apt to appreciate the efforts put in by his teacher to change his life.

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St Theresa School annual day leaves audience emotional!