Srinivas University launches Solar Cold Chain research center

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Srinivas University launches Solar Cold Chain research center

Srinivas University launches Solar Cold Chain research center

Team NK   ¦    Sep 26, 2019 09:53:28 AM (IST)

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Mangaluru: Srinivas University in association with the Institute of Productivity - Grimsby, U.K. on September 16th, 2019, launched a Solar Cold Chain Research Centre (SCCRC) at Srinivas University, G.H.S. Road, Mangalore to provide Solar Cold Chain facilities for farming and fisheries in developing countries,

The traditional ‘Solution’ is for small Cold Storage facilities being connected to the Grid or being run with Diesel Generators – these though are dependent on stable electricity and in the case of Diesel-powered, it is expensive to maintain and run and have an environmental impact.

Solar Powered Cold Chain

Solar Powered Cold Chain technology though, is coming to the fore; combined with developments in battery technology, this solution can provide uninterrupted Cold Storage and Cold Chain solutions that are economic to operate, environmentally friendly, and can be located in rural places where electricity supplies cannot be relied on.

To hasten the development and take-up of Solar Cold Chain, Srinivas University has launched a Solar Cold Chain Research Centre (SCCRC) in association with the Institute of Productivity, Grimsby, United Kingdom, and Nebula Consultancy, U. K. The SCCRC will be based at the College of Engineering & Technology of Srinivas University at Mukka.

The Vice-Chancellor Dr. P.S. Aithal stated that Srinivas University is pleased to launch its new SCCRC to build on India's reputation and capability in Solar Energy and to harness this to develop the world-leading Solar Cold Chain solutions in this area.

The Pro-Chancellor Dr. A. Srinivas Rao has congratulated Dr. P.S. Aithal on the formation of the Research Team to be led by Professor Richard Grice from the U.K., (M. D. of Nebula Consultancy) whom he appointed as the Leader of the SCCRC. The Research Team will involve the College Deans – Dr. Thomas Pinto, Dr. D. Shrinivasa Mayya, Research Heads, and Faculty Heads including Dr. R.K. Hegde and Dr. G. S. Shivakumar.

Professor Mike Dillon - CEO of the Institute of Productivity, U.K. who is a Board Appointee of Srinivas University would be seconded to the SPCC Unit as an Executive Director to advise on linkage of the Centre to United Nations initiatives, including UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation).

Professor Mike Dillon stated that there is a gap in practical and applied research in the area of fully integrated Solar Cold Chains and he looks forward to assisting the University in linking to the international community in realizing the benefits that can be derived from it.

A presentation on Solar Powered Cold Chain was made by Professor Grice to the Academic Team and Engineering Students to highlight the opportunities associated with Solar Powered Cold Chain, particularly the positive economic impact that can deliver to the actual farmers and fishermen that grow and catch foodstuffs – enabling larger amounts of income to be earned and retained in the rural economies.

The Principals and their teams then met to select key members of the Research Group and to enact the next steps in the development of the SCCRC - key to which will be the involvement of students in this exciting initiative that will see Srinivas University recognized as a Global Leader in the development of integrated Solar Cold Chain solutions, and agree to structure and focus within their campuses.