Sneha school, Sullia celebrates silver jubilee

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Sneha school, Sullia celebrates silver jubilee

Sneha school, Sullia celebrates silver jubilee

Team NK   ¦    Mar 06, 2021 11:33:03 PM (IST)

Sneha school, Sullia celebrates silver jubilee-1

Sullia: Sneha School, Sullia which focuses on learning through mother tongue, celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday, March 6.

On the occasion, Dr. Chandrashekara Damle, the visionary behind this unique school felicitated by his students and well-wishers in an event called Snehayana. He has served in various fields like Literature, Yakshagana, and education.

State Minister for Primary and secondary education S. Suresh Kumar appreciated it by calling it an Excellent Model school.

“The school was built with the vision of promoting learning through the Kannada language by providing holistic development to children stands different from the other schools." he expressed.

He appreciated Subhash Damle for his constant efforts and achievement in the field of education.

“The school is designed in such a way that the children can learn with nature,” says Dr. Damle. The school is molded into the topography surrounding it and the round structure of classrooms also inspires children to get into learning. There is no need for posh buildings to impart knowledge. Learning does not just mean theory or classroom education, rather it should help the student to understand how to learn and grab more knowledge by themselves, he said.

He condemns the practice of abiding by the syllabus alone for teaching students. He said, “The capacity of education should not be limited by the syllabus. Rather the objective of providing education should be to make sure that the students have an all-round development.”

The medium of instruction is Kannada as the school believes that a child can think in their mother tongue or native languages better than in English. While addressing the importance of teaching using the mother tongue he said, “Education becomes stronger and dearer to the children when it is taught in their mother tongue and the children will have strong cultural roots embedded in their personality by learning in the Kannada medium in Karnataka.”

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