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Six time winner, BJP's Angara is strong contender for ministerial berth

Six time winner, BJP's Angara is strong contender for ministerial berth

Sc GK   ¦    May 16, 2018 07:08:44 PM (IST)

Six time winner, BJP\'s Angara is strong contender for ministerial berth-1

Sullia: Bhartiya Janata Party's (BJP) legislator S Angara's winning streak continued with the incumbent defeating his rival Dr. Raghu of Congress for the fourth time in succession. Deprived of ministerial berth on earlier two occasions when BJP was in power, six time MLA S Angara is a strong contender for ministerial post, in case the saffron party forms the government.

Angara tasted defeat when he contested assembly elections on a BJP ticket in 1989 for the first time but has won all electoral battles later on. Ironically, Angara defeated his Congress rival Dr. Raghu on four previous occasions and dashed the latter's hopes of victory even this time. The duo came face-to-face in 2004 where Angara won by a margin of 17085 votes. Subsequently, he defeated Dr. Raghu by 4293 votes in 2008 and 1373 votes in 2013, the narrowest of victory margin till date. Unfortunately, Raghu got the worst drubbing when he lost by a margin of 26068 votes this time. When most losing candidates fail to get the party ticket,Congress backed Dr. Raghu to the hilt despite his successive defeats, which came as a surprise for many.

Angara representing the Dalit Community is known for his simplicity. The party activists and his supporters are hopeful of their 54-year-old leader getting ministerial berth in case BJP forms the government this time.