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Second round of pulse polio today

Second round of pulse polio today

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Mar 11, 2018 09:55:14 AM (IST)

Second round of pulse polio today-1

Mangaluru: The second round of Pulse Polio programme in Dakshina Kannada district will be held today (March 11).

The pulse polio immunisation programme will be held at General Hospitals and Community Health Centres and anganwadis from 8 am to 5 pm, for the children aged below five. "Two drops of anti-polio help to keep Polio away for the rest of the life," said a release.

Though India is considered as Polio-free, the disease is still being identified in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. As people travel to these countries and people of these countries come to India, chances of the Polio disease spreading is more. As a precautionary move it is thus suggested to participate in pulse polio drive and utilise the benefit, it said.