Possession of `Property Card` will be compulsory from December 1

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Possession of `Property Card` will be compulsory from December 1

Possession of `Property Card` will be compulsory from December 1

SC GM   ¦    Nov 07, 2018 04:42:04 PM (IST)

Possession of `Property Card` will be compulsory from December 1-1Mangaluru: Possession of `Property Card`, a document of property ownership will be compulsory for the residents of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), from the month of December.

Informing about the decision of the state government, Dakshina Kannada district Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil told reporters on Wednesday, November 7 that the district administration had initially decided to make it compulsory for only two villages in MCC limits, but now, it has decided to make it mandatory for all villages that come under the MCC. The same is followed in Mysuru and Shivamogga districts.

``All 60 wards of the MCC have been divided into 30 sectors under 6 divisions. From December onwards, registration of land will be held only if there is property card``, he said. 

``District administration would come out with a mobile app, through which people can upload their document to obtain property card. Meanwhile, a separate website www.upormangaluru.com will be formed in order to sort out confusions and queries on property card. People can put their queries and suggestions through the app, which will be sorted out later)," he said.

Speaking about the benefits of the property card Senthil said, ``the owner of the property can get statutory property records with the exact map of the property. There is a possibility of smooth transfer of property rights and also faster change of rights after selling the property. The buyers of property can clearly verify the loan obligations. The card will help in preventing illegal possession and encroachment of property``, he added.

Crop survey almost complete

Speaking about the crop survey conducted in Dakshina Kannada district by the district administration, Senthil said,``the crop survey procedures have been completed and cross verification is under progress now. As per the survey, arecanut crop is leading in district and coconut, paddy, rubber and pepper are the other crops being grown in Dakshina Kannada. Village accountants are now verifying the survey and after their approval, the details of crops will be mentioned in the RTC`` ( rights, tenancy and crops). Karnataka is the first state, where crop survey is being conducted through mobile app``, he informed. 


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Possession of `Property Card` will be compulsory from December 1