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No threat to government says C S Puttaraju

No threat to government says C S Puttaraju

SC GM   ¦    Sep 14, 2018 03:12:36 PM (IST)

No threat to government says C S Puttaraju-1Mangaluru: Minister for Minor Irrigation C S Puttaraju admitted that the BJP leaders have been in contact with the leaders of both the JDS and the Congress. However, there is no threat to the stability of the government, he asserted.

Addressing the reporters on the sidelines of an inspection programme in Harekala he said,''the BJP leaders have been suspecting the stability of the government. However, the coalition government will definitely complete the tenure of five years. Though B S Yeddyurappa is trying to destabilize the government, he will not succeed, " he said.

When asked to respond over the statements of BJP leaders who claim that several leaders of JDS and Congress are in touch with them Puttaraju said, ''they are simply spreading rumours in order to shake the government. Such efforts will not fetch positive result to them'', he said.