Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!

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Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!

Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!

Feb 17, 2017 12:32:26 PM (IST)

Mangaluru: In what one can call as a path breaking achievement, Mangaluru’s own comedy reality show ‘Bale Telipaale’ has reached over 2 crore views on YouTube, a feat which has never been achieved by any show in the history of coastal Karnataka. Viewers from 177 regions and from different age groups follow the comedy based show on YouTube.
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!-1Bale Telipaale, showing on Namma TV, has tickled the funny bones of Tuluvas for the past four years, satisfying a hunger for humor that nobody sought to satisfy in the past. Its competitive format with teams vying for the comedy crown has produced variety in the nature of the comedy and overnight superstars. Over the years, it has become Tulu Nadu's largest and most popular comedy based reality show.

Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!-2

‘Bale Telipaale’, has catapulted marginal performers to mega stardom and in its fourth avatar it is bigger and better than those of the past, fueling expectations and providing no room for disappointment.

‘Bale Telipaale’ was launched in 2012 by Vijaynath Vittal Shetty of Sri Bhoothanatheshwara Temple trust who is considered to be the backbone of the show in association with Dr. Shivsharan Shetty the Director of Namma TV. The makers of the show are very grateful to Sri Bhoothanatheshwara for all the success they have achieved so far.

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With some small time shows’ Youtube channels getting 50 lakh views was generating buzz, here is ‘Bale Telipaale’ garnering over 2 crore views and counting.

Bale Telipaale - A hit on social media platforms

The makers of the show, Vijaynath Vittal Shetty along with Dr. Shivsharan Shetty of Namma TV planned Bale Telipaale to give the people of Tulunadu something to enjoy before hitting their bed. The public has now got accustomed to this diet of comedy and waits eagerly or the show which airs at 8:45pm & 10.30pm. The success of the show was also fueled by social media platforms as it was telecast mainly in coastal Karnataka.

The Studio In-Charge & Production Manager Pavi Praveen K uploaded the episodes on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to garner a wider audience especially from the Middle East. The viewership gradually grew because of these mediums and now the show can boast of viewers across the globe. They wait for the episodes to be uploaded every day. Any delay in the uploads and the producer will receive numerous queries, so numerous, that he dare not delay the upload for any reason! Indeed people who watch it on TV watch it again on You Tube – that’s the kind of following it has.

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Hardwork behind ‘Bale Telipaale’

A lot of hard work has gone into the making the show. From the cameraman to the production unit, each member of the team has put in their very best to make it a TV sell out and it is the one show other than music reality shows that has made superstars out of mere artistes.

“Bale Telipaale is one of the very few shows in Coastal Karnataka which has produced superstars. There are a lot of shows in India which often do anything to get viewers or raise their TRPs. But Bale Telipaale is one-of-its-kind which shows talents of the performers. The show gave a platform to many who dreamt of super stardom,” says Praveen.

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Praveen says that it’s quite a task to garner attention on social media. According to him, when he first started uploading videos on YouTube, there was very little response to the uploads as people were unaware. The promos and the episode YouTube links were then posted to all Tuluva groups on Facebook. Posters were designed for Facebook & the YouTube video links were attached to them. These were shared on WhatsApp and other Social media platforms first among the personal contacts of Namma TV staffers and through them to a wider audience. The commitment to the success of the show can be gauged rom the fact that he circulated the links to every known contact, even those he would meet during the day, including the auto driver and those on his morning walk. It took more than 6 months of this daily routine for these links to reach every Tuluva’s mobile. The videos are polished and then uploaded on YouTube. Viewers from 177 regions and from different age groups follow the comedy based show. Now viewers across the world can watch the episodes live as they are also live streamed.

Speaking about Bale Telipaale, the prime motivator of this show Dr. Shivsharan Shetty says, “It is a show which showcases the talent of the performers. There are no retakes as the performance goes on for 20 minutes. The concept was of neither group comedy nor standup comedy. Three performers or less than that can perform at once on the stage whereas the group can consist of 4 artists & a Background musician. The shooting happens completely at Mijar in the premises of Bhootanatheswara temple. The first few episodes were shot only with the crew’s presence. But now, there’s no need of invitation. People swarm like bees to watch the show even after they know that it will be telecast on TV”.Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!-6The chief mentor of the show Vijaynath Vital Shetty arranges bus facilities and food for all the members of the audience and sends them home a very happy lot. According to him it’s the choicest blessings of Lord Bhootanatheshwara which has helped the show’s crew create such a wonderful show over these four seasons, with many more to come.

Celebrity judges are invited the judge the semi-finals and final of Bale Telipaale. The team ‘Prashmasa’ won the first prize during the show’s first three seasons. Prashamsa is a combination of four people. Pra for Prasanna, Sa for Sandeep, Ma for Marvin and Sha for Sharath. Three of them perform while one provides the background music. The spontaneous performance of the four has kept them on the top of the show.

“The show ‘Bale Telipaale’ was launched with the main motive of nurturing new talent. We as team when planning it never thought that the show will grow so much and be such a hit,” says Naveen Shetty. At present, the teams who have performed in Bale Telipale are invited to perform abroad in all seasons. More than 10 artists have made it to the sandalwood film industry. Several teams have made it to satellite channels as well & have performed at shows in Dubai, Muscat and Bahrain. Naveen adds “The two title songs of ‘Bale Telipaale’ and ‘Kudala Telipuga’ have clicked well with the public. The songs are in everyone’s phones and on everyone’s lips! The music of the title songs lures every members of the family to come and watch the show”.

This programme wouldn’t have been on Namma TV without the hard work of sales team & the sponsors who have been supporting the show throughout in all the seasons enabling the creative team to concentrate on doing what they do best – produce the best comedy show, coastal Karnataka, some would say Karnataka has seen!

Comedy shows are always risky as there may be lot of instances when risqué humor is used to make people laugh. “The first season of the show was neat and clean. But season two of the show had a few occasions when there a bit of vulgarity. But, nothing in the third season. We have strictly advised our performers, not to use vulgarity or double-meaning jokes,” says Naveen.

He attributes the success of the show to Vijaynath Vittal Shetty, lord Bhoothanatheshwara and the entire crew. “The team’s hardwork and dedication is commendable. Each and every member of the crew is from Tulunadu and a Tuluva. The love and affection of the audience forces us to work ever harder”.

The head of NammaTV Dr. Shivsharan Shetty says, “Reaching 2 crore mark among viewers on YouTube is not a small achievement. It’s a continous process of being connected with the whole world every day & every minute. A big round of applause to YouTube & the man working single handedly on social media platforms Mr. Pavi Praveen Puttur - The Studio In-charge & production Manager of Namma TV, because of whom the show has reached every Tuluva around the globe.Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!-7

Namma TV – a wholesome family TV Channel

Namma TV began airing in 2005 with the sole aim of providing wholesome family entertainment to everyone in Mangaluru. While other local channels are news based, Namma TV is the one forging ahead with entertainment and only entertainment. Dare 2 Dance, Dance Mummy Dance, Namma Super Singer, Pili Nalike and Yaksharamayana are a few of the shows with a very heavy viewership. However Bale Telipaale wears the viewership crown!


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Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!
Namma TV’s ‘Bale Telipaale’ records 2 crore views on YouTube!