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Minister Rai releases documents against land grab allegations

Minister Rai releases documents against land grab allegations

DV   ¦    Nov 13, 2017 06:32:20 PM (IST)

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Mangaluru: A few days after former Congress leader Harikrishna Bantwal, levelled serious allegations of land grabbing against District In-charge Minister B Ramanath Rai, the latter countered the same November 13 in a press meet.

He produced documents to support his arguments and said, "I have all the documents for the land that I posses and there are no irregularities."

Addressing media personnel in the District Congress office, Ramanath Rai said, "The 15.22 acre land in Kallige, is a property that I have obtained from my family. After the property was divided among our family members, I purchased it from them."

He claimed that when he was approached by some persons in Kallige, demanding the land which had no survey number, he promptly gave it to them. He also stated that if he wanted to, he could go to the court and appeal for his punja rights to the land in Kallige and Perne and those several acres of land would be reverted to him but, he claimed, that he hadn't done that.

"I have given several acres of land to the poor. In the land that I own, measuring 8 acres, I have cultivated rubber plants as it comes under my varga land rights. I have documents to prove this", he said.

"The 7.90 acres land in Mani is jointly held by my wife's family out of which 3.04 acres of Kumki land has been sanctioned to my wife. It is on this sanctioning that one of my wife's brothers has appealed to the AC court", he explained.

Giving further explanation, he said that Shaila is his wife Dhanabhagya Rai's other name. "The land that I possess is backed by documents that are in my possession. I have not done anything illegal", he said.

"I have dedicated my life to the people. I will never do anything to shame the people in my constituency. Congress is my religion. I have never harmed anyone. I have never spoken against my party leaders", he said adding that he had not retaliated against the person who had framed these false allegations against him, refusing to mention Harikrishna Bantwal by name.