Focus on struggles of media in 'Corona Era' on Press Day

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Focus on struggles of media in 'Corona Era' on Press Day

Focus on struggles of media in 'Corona Era' on Press Day

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Focus on struggles of media in \'Corona Era\' on Press Day-1Mangaluru: Karnataka Journalist's Union DK District committee and Karnataka Theological College Mangaluru celebrated the Press Day by garlanding the statue of Reverend Hermann Friedrich Mogling on Wednesday, July 1, at Sahodhaya, Mangaluru.

Rev Hermann Friedrich Mogling started the first Kannada newspaper 'Mangalura Samachara' on this day, in 1843 from the same place and this day is celebrated as Press Day across Karnataka.

Focus on struggles of media in \'Corona Era\' on Press Day-2District Information Department Senior Assistant Director Khader Shah, along with the former Registrar of St Aloysius College Prof A M Narahari garlanded the statue of Harmann Mogling.

Later, during the stage programme, Khader Shah in his address said, "I am completing my 20 years in journalism and it's an honour to be part of this Press Day programme. It is a meaningful celebration. In the olden days we did not have the facilities and one can imagine how difficult it was to print a newspaper in 1843. Mogling started the newspaper using traditional printing mode and named it 'Mangaluru Samaachaara' and the first issue was printed on July 1, 1843. Mogling is one of the visionaries for the unified Karnataka."

"Today, we have all the modern technology and content available at our fingertips. Corona has affected a number of media houses. Hope this difficult phase ends soon," he added.

Karnataka Theological College Mangaluru Principal Rev. Dr. H M Watson spoke during the occasion and urged the community to identify the works done by Mogling and honour him publicly by naming a road or installing his statue at a prominent place in Manglaore.

Focus on struggles of media in \'Corona Era\' on Press Day-3Former registrar of St Aloysius College Prof. Dr. Narahari AM, in his keynote address said that there is a need for visual media to develop brand loyalty.

"Print media have its own followers, and that is because of its brand loyalty and accurate information. Today visual media need to adopt such brand loyalty. Media are in difficult times. But during these difficult times also we should hope for the better and continue to do better in society. It's only the media that can check the other three pillars of the society. So keep bringing awareness and fight for justice of the downtrodden," he said.

Focus on struggles of media in \'Corona Era\' on Press Day-4Managing Director of V4 News Channel Lakshman Kunder, Director of Spearhead Media Group Canute Pinto and Proprietor of Violet Pereira shared their opinion on the situation of media in the post-COVID scenario.

"Media world has faced a lot of challenges in the Corona era. Alongside the crisis, the media world is also going through a transformation process. There are a lot of advancements happening in this crisis time. Value-based journalism combined with value-based marketing is the way ahead. Journalists and Marketing Managers should collaborate and should avoid duplication of work," Canute Pinto, Director of Spearhead Media Group opined.

Focus on struggles of media in \'Corona Era\' on Press Day-5President of Karnataka Journalist's Union DK Committee Harish Bantwal presided over the program.

"Difficulties faced by Media and Journalists need to be seen together and addressed together," said Harish Bantwal in his address.

"News reporters getting into advertisement procurement is the way for sustenance. It is proved three decades back by Suddi Bidugade media group. Every possible advancement in technology and media scenario also need to get adapted into the system. Value-based marketing is the way ahead," he said.

Focus on struggles of media in \'Corona Era\' on Press Day-6There are plenty of Corona warriors among media people also. Government and various departments while announcing benefits for Corona warriors in other areas have forgotten the journalists, he added.

KJU's identity cards were distributed to the members during the occasion.

KJU District Secretary Tharanath Kapikad welcomed the gathering and moderated the program. Ishwar Varanashi delivered the vote of thanks.