Ivan D'Souza confident of coalition govt proving majority

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Ivan D'Souza confident of coalition govt proving majority

Ivan D'Souza confident of coalition govt proving majority

SC GM   ¦    Jul 13, 2019 03:47:19 PM (IST)

Ivan D\'Souza confident of coalition govt proving majority-1Mangaluru: Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister and MLC Ivan D'Souza claimed that those who had resigned from the Congress party would revoke their decision and that the coalition government would definitely prove its majority in the Assembly.

Addressing the reporters here on Saturday, July 13 Ivan said, "Bharatiya Janata Party is the root cause for the present circumstances as its leaders have tried to topple the coalition government six times after it was formed. After the conclusion of the recent Lok Sabha elections, BJP leaders are trying to receive the help of some union leaders to destabilise the government. BJP is trying to lure both Congress and JDS MLAs with money and power."

Ivan also opined that if an MLA wants to resign, it should be of their own accord and not under pressure from anybody. But, MLAs are now forced to tender their resignation amid the police protection. Such a move is very bad for our democratic form of government", he said.

Ivan alleged that BJP was indulging in forcing other party MLAs to tender resignation and inducting them to its fold. "Due to this development, our state is facing an emergency-like situation", Ivan added.

Former corporators Nagendra Kumar and Ashok D K were present.