India's Usain Bolt? Moodbidri man's 100m Kambala dash stuns Twitter

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India's Usain Bolt? Moodbidri man's 100m Kambala dash stuns Twitter

India's Usain Bolt? Moodbidri man's 100m Kambala dash stuns Twitter

IANS   ¦    Feb 14, 2020 04:54:23 PM (IST)

India\'s Usain Bolt? Moodbidri man\'s 100m Kambala dash stuns Twitter-1Moodbidri: A video clip of a Kambala jockey who took just 9.55 seconds to run a distance of 100 metres has wowed social media.

A Twitter post by a user went viral when he pointed out that the man's timing was faster than international athlete Usain Bolt, who currently holds the world record in the 100-metre race at 9.58 seconds.

The post caption read: "He is Srinivasa Gowda (28) from Moodabidri in Dakshina Kannada district. Ran 142.5 metres in just 13.62 seconds at a 'Kambala' or buffalo race in a slushy paddy field. 100 metres in JUST 9.55 seconds! @usainbolt took 9.58 seconds to cover 100 metres. #Karnataka."

Kambala is an annual buffalo race held in the southwestern state of Karnataka. Traditionally, it is sponsored by local Tuluva landlords and households in the coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. As one can observe from the viral picture, the Karnataka man is running alongside a pair of buffalo in a field filled with water.

According to locals who witnessed Srinivasa's lightning run, the joy on the 28-year-old’s face reflects what it means to be a custodian of a culture in its truest sense.

Social media users hailed Srinivasa. A user wrote: "True, but physics says something makes him run faster. Anyhow, appreciating his strength."

Another wrote: "What a physique... it seems someone carved him from stone... marvelous..."

A post read: "That's super... If timing is accurate, then it's great discovery #Karnataka."

"OMG. Is it real? Indian government needs to look into this man's speed. Can you reach out to the Sports Authority of India or the Sports Ministry?" asked a user.

Some even suggested the government should train him for the Olympics. "This guy will surely get us a gold medal at the Olympics!" another user remarked.

It can be recalled that the Kambala sport had been banned for a brief period of time owing to animal rights activists taking contention with the act of whipping the buffaloes. However, the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government passed legislation reinstating the sport. In some Kambala events, the prize money crosses several lakhs.