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Immediate resignation of CM, DKShi for CM post good for Cong, says Poojary

Immediate resignation of CM, DKShi for CM post good for Cong, says Poojary

DV   ¦    Aug 12, 2017 03:18:44 PM (IST)
Immediate resignation of CM, DKShi for CM post good for Cong, says Poojary

Mangaluru: Attacking Siddaramaiah for his "lacklustre attitude" in addressing the concerns of the people, former union minister B Janardhana Poojary demanded his immediate resignation from chief minister's post. In place of him, either D K Shivakumar or a Dalit can be elected to the post which will ensure survival of Congress in the state, he felt.

Speaking at a press meet here he minced no words in slamming the chief minister for not visiting the drought-hit areas in the state.
"Why do you want to run the administration when you cannot respond to the problems of people in the state. Are you playing cards or are you into any other business? What achievement have you done so far?,” he questioned.

“It was during the tenure of SM Krishna as the chief minister that several programmes were introduced aspiring to bring the state at par with Singapore. Your time has come. Congress high command has a good impression about D K Shivakumar and he may be the next CM of Karnataka, post elections", he said.

On Amit Shah’s visit to the state, Poojary cautioned the party reminding them what had happened in the 18 states toured by Shah pointing out that he had pulled down the chief ministers in these states.

On state government's decision to cancel financial assistance provided to two government-aided private schools - Sri Rama Vidya Kendra, Kalladka and Sri Devi Vidya Kendra, Punacha - run by RSS strongman Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat’s trust and the protests staged by the students in B C Road in the aftermath, Poojary said that it was an unforgivable blunder on government’s part.

“Stopping the aid which provides mid-day meals to poor students in these schools is a demonic tendency. I laud Prabhakar Bhat for the good work and taking initiative in providing food to students in the schools. It shows his humanity towards the poor students.”

He slammed District In-charge Minister Ramanath Rai adding that he should approach the CM and seek withdrawal of the cancellation order of the grant. "Don't you want to win the next elections?", he questioned.

On the question that government had stopped the grants since it was a school run by RSS, Poojary said that, “Aren't RSS members the citizens of this nation? They want to finish off Prabhakar Bhat. So they are doing this.”