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I too am a devotee of Ayyappa: MLA Bawa

I too am a devotee of Ayyappa: MLA Bawa

DV   ¦    Mar 10, 2018 07:55:23 PM (IST)

I too am a devotee of Ayyappa: MLA Bawa-1

Mangaluru: A day after the audio of a popular Hindu devotional hymn "Pallikattu Sabrimala" was dubbed to hail MLA Moideen Bawa, he, on March 10, rubbished the allegations saying that it was done without his knowledge.

Addressing a press meet at his office, the MLA clarified that the devotional song, sung in praise of Lord Ayyappa, was dubbed without his knowledge and that he was not involved in the matter in any way.

"I haven't done this. It might be possible that my fans or my enemies have done it. I demand a probe into this matter", Bawa said.

The MLA also clarified that he was a devotee of Lord Ayyappa. He also claimed that he visited the Ayyappa Bajana Mandir and offered donations in the form of cash and rice during Makara Sankranthi.

He added that he donated funds for the development of the Ayyappa Mandir and Hindu temples in his constituency.

"If this has hurt the sentiments of the people, I apologise for this", Bawa said.

To mark his birthday on March 15, the MLA has said that he would be laying the foundation stone to build a complex, which will cost an estimated Rs 60 Crore.

It may be recalled that an audio clip of the dubbed Hindu devotional song went viral on social media very recently. The song was dubbed to praise MLA Bawa for his work and achievements in his constituency i.e., Mangalore North.