Hijab row was instigated by CFI, says St Agnes College Management

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Hijab row was instigated by CFI, says St Agnes College Management

Hijab row was instigated by CFI, says St Agnes College Management

DV   ¦    Jun 29, 2018 02:43:38 PM (IST)

Hijab row was instigated by CFI, says St Agnes College Management-1

Mangaluru: Nearly four days after a protest was held outside St. Agnes college for not allowing Muslim students to wear Hijab on campus, the college administration in its clarification said that the students had been instigated by the Campus Front of India (CFI) to protest against the college.

Addressing a press meet at the college, Sr Dr. M Jeswina AC Principal of St Agnes College said, "The college handbook, which was given to the students prior to their admission clearly mentions the rules and regulations including the dress code to maintain discipline, uniformity and transparency. Recently, some of our students along with some strangers protested in front of our college gate. Later, upon inquiry with few of the students, it was found that protest had been instigated by Campus Front of India(CFI) group."

The college handbook talks of uniform prescribed by the college and also makes it clear that no other attire will be allowed. The handbook was given on June 8 the day the college reopened and rules and regulations were clearly explained to the all parents. "Following the incident lot of false propagation and rumors were spread to malign the name of the institution. No faculty has ever touched the scarf or the body of any students at any time," she added.

Clarifying that no student was rusticated from the college after the protest, she said that Fathima Anis Sheikh, the student who was seen talking to media during the stir continues to attend classes.

"The students were asked to give an explanation in writing in the presence of their parents within three days. Students who took part in the protest have not just apologized but have also said that they were instigated" said the Principal asserting that she has not taken any signature from any student on blank papers.

Threat calls to student 

Naureen, Vice-president of commerce forum in the college also said that she has received threats calls after she quit the Whats app group Justice for Scarf and Namaz. She also said, that a group was created by an outsider and she was added to that group.

As Naureen refused to support the group and quit the group she has received threat calls from abroad.

Anis's father who spoke during the occasion said "This issue would have been resolved by the management and parents but this issue has been politicised. I have seen this institution for past 25 years. We parents have adhered to all the rules and regulation of the college."