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Hangyo eyes the non-dairy sector

Hangyo eyes the non-dairy sector

Feb 13, 2018 06:23:12 PM (IST)

Hangyo eyes the non-dairy sector-1

Mangaluru: In a landmark move, Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd., a renowned ice cream giant of coastal Karnataka, aims to expand its product portfolio under the brand name DNA. Through a fully owned subsidiary, Hangyo Gourmet Pvt. Ltd., a wide range of fruit based non-dairy products that include jams, crushes, squashes, syrups and more, are being introduced into the market. The brand also plans to launch new formats of food such as canned fruits and puree.

“Hangyo is a home grown company that is mainly into dairy products. Hangyo Gourmet was started with a vision to establish and consolidate its presence in the non-dairy food hospitality space. DNA is a range of fruit based products launched under Hangyo Gourmet. The speciality of DNA is that the products have a longer shelf life compared to the products that already exist in the market”, said Pradeep G Pai, Managing Director, Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd.

“Hangyo is a household name in South India. Our products come with a seal of assured quality. We have now forayed into the non-dairy FMCG, where there is an ever increasing need for quality and branded products. The philosophy is to be in tune with the prime minister's concept of ‘Make in India’ and support the Indian agricultural sector by focusing primarily on real ingredients, farm fresh vegetables and fruits”, he added.

DNA will be launched on February 14 at the Ocean Pearl, Mangaluru, on the joyous occasion of the 15th anniversary of Hangyo. The DNA range of products will be launched by Nalin Kumar Kateel, MP and the chief guest for the occasion will be Vathika Pai, President of the Kanara Chamber of Commerce. Nayonika Rai, the face of Hangyo, will be present to unveil the products.

DNA product portfolio would encompass the following -

· Jams-Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mixed Fruit

· Syrup-Rose

· Juices-Mango, Orange

· Canned fruits- Pineapple Slices, Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple Tidbits

· Crushes-Strawberry, Lychee, Orange, Pineapple

· Puree-Tomato

“It was a trip to Australia and an ordinary ice cream tasting that inspired us to launch something in India. That’s how Hangyo began. We have traversed a path of immense success in these 15 years. Our pursuit of excellence continues to be the mantra behind our success”, said Dinesh R Pai, Executive Chairman, Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd. “Hopefully, our customers will shower us with the same affection they’ve shown all these years”, he added.

Hangyo Gourmet Pvt. Ltd. currently has ice cream parlours, outdoor catering and restaurants in Mangaluru and Udupi. Hangyo outlets have sprung up at malls, multiplexes, and private campuses like Infosys and educational institutions like Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Hangyo Gourmet boasts of a lot of firsts in its hometown: first soft serve, first icy stone ice cream, first to introduce Mumbai style chats etc.

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