Govt sanctions Rs 5 crore for land to build 'Konkani Bhavan'

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Govt sanctions Rs 5 crore for land to build 'Konkani Bhavan'

Govt sanctions Rs 5 crore for land to build 'Konkani Bhavan'

Team NK   ¦    Dec 04, 2020 01:24:34 PM (IST)

Govt sanctions Rs 5 crore for land to build \'Konkani  Bhavan\'-1

Mangaluru: The state government released five crore rupees to the Konkani Sahitya Academy for the construction of the state-of-the-art 'Konkani Bhavan'.

Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangaluru Press Club, Jagadish Pai-the President of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy said “I am happy to announce that the government of Karnataka has released Rs five crore to Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy for land to construct a state-of-art 'Konkani Bhavan', which is indeed good news for the Konkani speaking people. A 30 cents of land has already been located and approved near Urwa Store/MUDA building behind Ambedkar Bhavan”.

He further said, “We have been trying so hard for so many years, requesting the government to appoint a registrar for the Academy. We are happy to note that the government has now nominated R Manohar Kamath Mundkoor, for the post of the Registrar and he assumed charge on 1 December 2020

The ceremony was small and simple and, was held at the office due to the pandemic.

Before this, Manohar Kamath was working in the department of education, Mangaluru. A farewell was also given to Kumar Babu Bekkeri, who worked as an additional acting registrar until now. At the moment, the Academy is not planning any programmes due to Covid. Arrangements have been made to view the programmes via media and online Apps.

"We have also launched online classes for those keen on learning the Konkani language. With the help of the Youth of Gouda Saraswati Brahmins (GSB) Mangaluru App, viewers have access to Konkani Janapada workshops, information on Konkani scholars and food practices of Konkani-speaking people. There are also plans to organize programmes on cable channels and poets meet by involving poets residing in foreign countries" added Jagadish Pai.

Members of the academy Registrar, Manohar Kamath, Sanoor Narasimha Kamath, Arun G Shet, and Canute Jeevan Pinto were present at the dais during the meet.