GoAir adds M'luru to domestic network, launches daily Mangaluru-Mumbai flights

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GoAir adds M'luru to domestic network, launches daily Mangaluru-Mumbai flights

GoAir adds M'luru to domestic network, launches daily Mangaluru-Mumbai flights

SC AN   ¦    Dec 23, 2020 06:25:56 PM (IST)

GoAir adds M\'luru to domestic network, launches daily Mangaluru-Mumbai flights-1Mangaluru: GoAir, on Wednesday, announced the addition of Mangaluru as a new destination in the airline's domestic network. To this end, GoAir will launch a daily direct service between Mangaluru and Mumbai on Thursday, December 23.

Mumbai and Mangaluru will be linked with a daily direct flight operated by a state-of-the-art Airbus 320neo.

The schedule of this flight has been planned to allow for quick and convenient connections to Mangaluru. The flights are currently available for sale across all booking channels.

Announcing the launch of the new route during a virtual press meet on Wednesday, GoAir Chief Executive Officer Kaushik Khona said that the schedules have been set at ideal times in the morning. "GoAir flight G8 0338 will depart Mangaluru at 9.30 AM and arrive Mumbai at 11 AM. On the return, GoAir flight G8 0335 will depart Mumbai at 7.40 AM and arrive at Mangaluru at 9 AM," he said.

“The domestic air travel demand is witnessing a continued recovery, with passengers increasing 10 per cent month-on-month to around 63.54 lakh in November 2020. Responding to the demand, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new daily direct service to Mangaluru. This is a significant step for GoAir and demonstrates our continuous endeavour to provide greater choice and better connections for our passengers. GoAir has been accredited with four-star low-cost carrier rating in the recent 2021 US-based APEX survey. GoAir's direct flight connecting Mumbai to Mangaluru will facilitate further growth in business and tourism between these cities," Khona said, adding that the company is looking to establish itself gradually and add more connections.

"We have been very measured in our expansion plan and we believe that slow and steady wins the race. Over the last few years, we have been steadily increasing our capacity and now, we have 10 per cent of the market share. We intend to gradually improve the market share with an increase in connectivity. We are one of the lowest-cost airlines in India and we are expecting to continue this low-cost model. We are able to maintain low costs as most of our fleet are (Airbus) neos, compared to other airlines in India," he said.

Speaking further, Khona said that the airlines plans to give further connectivity from Mangaluru to Bengaluru and then other cities by way of connecting flights to Delhi and maybe international destinations like Dubai and the Maldives," he said, adding that the company plans on connecting Mangaluru with other destinations like Kuwait and, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Muscat, Riyadh, and Dammam.

In response to a query regarding the launch of the new route, Khona said that the flight schedules were approved by the airport four weeks ago and the bookings for the new flights have been open since the past two weeks. "We have a load of over 160 passengers both ways," he added.

When asked if he is concerned about the flight operations now that the new strain of COVID-19 has been detected in Karnataka, Khona said, "COVID cases keep popping up and we are taking all precautions. We believe that aviation is the safest way to travel and that the industry is taking all safety measures so that the cases are not a result of air travel. People have also started learning how to live with COVID so that they don't get infected."

To a query about attractive offers of the ticket fare, the CEO said that constraints from the DGCA prevent them from reducing the prices any lowe. "I would have loved to give a discounted fare but the DGCA's constraints prevent the rates to fall below a certain threshold. We will go as per the lowest limit allowed by the DGCA," he said, assuring that the ticket prices will not increase if there is a load pickup as we are run a low-cost model.

Corporate Communications & PR, GM, Ratnadeep N Sur and reporters from various news media were present.

About GoAir:

GoAir is the aviation foray of India’s 283-year-old Wadia Group that comprises leading brands including 156-year-old Bombay Burmah, 140-year-old Bombay Dyeing, 101-year-old Britannia Ltd., 65-year-old National Peroxide Limited, the decade-old Bombay Realty and many others.

The 14-year old airline has flown 81.27 million passengers since its inception in 2005. Go Air has topped the chart for best OTP for 15 months in a row till Nov'19. GoAir’s Load Factor continuously ranked number 2 for 4 years starting FY16-17 till FY 19-20.