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Gen V P Mallik defends army's move of using 'human shield' in Kashmir

Gen V P Mallik defends army's move of using 'human shield' in Kashmir

DV   ¦    Apr 20, 2017 01:48:01 PM (IST)

Mangaluru: Gen. Ved Prakash Mallik, the former chief of army staff of the Indian Army, who led the army during the Kargil War has backed the Indian Army's move of using 'Human Shield' in Kashmir.

Gen V P Mallik defends army\'s move of using \'human shield\' in Kashmir-1In a special interview, Gen Mallik, who was in Mangaluru on Thursday, said that the problems in Kashmir keep fluctuating, but with proper strategy it can be set right.

"Politicians, governance, bureaucracy, army and civil police have to work unitedly to solve the issue. Moreover, Unified Command in the Kashmir should work effectively, but this has unfortunately not been happening," he said adding that 36-year-old Farooq Dhar was tied on to the army jeep bonnet as human shield under exceptional circumstances.

"Kashmir is a delicate issue. One has to understand that soldiers are humans and not robots. When there is attack, the soldiers will retaliate. Using human shield is incorrect, but one has to understand the background and the circumstances under which the army has resorted to doing so," he said.

Pressing on need to isolate the separatists from the locals

"They are paid ideologues and their pay masters are in Pakistan. These ideologues are corrupting the young minds in trouble-torn Kashmir, while their own children are studying abroad. These ideologues are two-faced who want the young Kashmiris to stay out of school and resort into acts of burning down school," he said.

Kulbhushan Jadhav's death sentence

Terming it a clear case of violation of human rights, Gen Mallik said that a kangaroo court has pronounced death sentence ot Jadhav without looking into the case.

"This is illegal. Government of India should mount pressure on Pakistan's government, which is vehemently trying to prove that India is interfering in Baluchistan," he said.

On China renaming places of Arunachal

Gen Mallik, stating that the move of China was clearly against the agreement, said that China wants to emerge as an imperial nation and its bid to reach there strategic complication with India is rising.