Form 'purchase committees', Compol tells Apartment owners' assn

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Form 'purchase committees', Compol tells Apartment owners' assn

Form 'purchase committees', Compol tells Apartment owners' assn

SC GM   ¦    Mar 25, 2020 03:04:38 PM (IST)

Form \'purchase committees\', Compol tells Apartment owners\' assn-1Mangaluru: Mangaluru Police Commissioner Dr P S Harsha has directed all the apartment owners' assocaitions to form 'purchase committee' in order to purchase essential commodities needed in their apartmemt complex so as to prevent people from going out for purchasing necessary items.

Despite lockdown order from the government, people have not taken it seriously and they are roaming out.

In the pretext of purchasing essential items, people assemble in front of grocery shops and markets in huge number.

To avoid this, Police Commissioner in his latest video message directed apartment owners' associations to form purchase committee and do the needful.

"A WhatsApp group would be formed so as to communicate with the purchase committee of apartments. Community Heads will also be added to this group, in order to provide necessary items for their community, " he said .

Meanwhile, Harsha sought the cooperation of NGOs to create awareness on COVID-19 through their volunteers.

"Ramakrishna Mission has already come forward to assist police and district administration in this regard. Identification of violators will also be done through their volunteers," he added.