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Depressed girl kills self in Ullal

Depressed girl kills self in Ullal

M K   ¦    Sep 12, 2017 08:17:42 PM (IST)
Depressed girl kills self in Ullal

Mangaluru: A 22-year-old woman committed suicide at her residence in Someshwara Uchila.

The victim has been identified as Spoorthi. She was staying with her mother and sister in Uchila and her father was working abroad.

Reportedly, the victim since a few days was in depression. She was a degree holder. She had worked in many places. Recently, she had a private hospital in accounts section in the city. As she couldn't cope with work she was depressed.

When there was no one at home, Spoorthi committed suicide by hanging self. The incident came to light after her mother saw through window as the doors were locked.

A case registered in Ullal police station.