Congress has treated everyone equally: Ramanath Rai

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Congress has treated everyone equally: Ramanath Rai

Congress has treated everyone equally: Ramanath Rai

SC GM   ¦    Nov 09, 2019 04:51:01 PM (IST)

Congress has treated everyone equally: Ramanath Rai-1Mangaluru: Former minister B Ramanath Rai sought the support of the public for Congress candidates in the MCC elections and said that the Congress party has been giving equal opportunity to everyone.

Addressing reporters at the District Congress office on Saturday, November 9, Rai said that although few members left the party claiming that they have not received a proper opportunity in Congress, it is far from the truth. "It is the duty of the Congress to respect everyone and it has given a proper opportunity to all those who worked well. Those who left the party recently have not been in the party for several months and we have seen their loyalty to other party leaders. Hence, we are not worried about such people," he said.

Meanwhile, Rai alleged that BJP MLAs have not switched to work mode even though it has been 18 months since they were elected. "As they have no development works to claim, they are claiming the works of previous Congress MLAs as their own. People should not trust them while they cast their precious votes in the MCC elections," he stressed.

District Congress President Hareesh Kumar, party leaders Shalet Pinto, Sadashiv Ullal, Hemanath Shetty, Vishwas Kumar Das, Anitha Shetty, and others were present.

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