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Childline rescues teenager battered by demonic mother in Belthangady 

Childline rescues teenager battered by demonic mother in Belthangady 

Oct 21, 2016 10:13:48 PM (IST)

Belthangady: A girl who was constantly being tortured by her mother was rescued by Childline in Belthangady on Friday, due to alert locals who tipped off the Childine about the incident on time.

Childline rescues teenager battered by demonic mother in Belthangady -1

Sunanda, a resident of Renkedaguthu in Belthangady was torturing her daughter, who was an SSLC failed teenager. On Friday, Sunanda crossed all the limits and launched a brutal assault on the girl. But luckily, this time the locals joined hands and opposed the demonic act of the mother. The locals who gathered in large numbers outside Sunanda's house informed the Childline and with timely intervention of the Childline, the girl was rescued.

When the Childline representatives spoke to the girl, she clearly told that she did not want to live with her mother as she was fed up of constant torture from her. The girl, who already had several bruises on face, head, hands and legs was rushed to Lady Goschen hospital for treatment and is likely to be rehabilitated.

The officials have said that a complaint will be filed with the police with regard to the assault.

The locals say that the mother has been torturing the girl over the last six months and several attempts to urge the mother to mend her ways had met failure in the past. The locals also claimed that several of their pleas to Women and Child Welfare department too had fallen on deaf ears.

While there is no clarity on the identity of Sunanda’s husband, the locals say that she has been claiming over the last several years that her husband is working outside the state.

Meanwhile, an unknown man living with Sunanda in the same house too had assaulted the girl, claim the locals.