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BJP protests against MCC for alleged misuse of administration

BJP protests against MCC for alleged misuse of administration

DV   ¦    Aug 08, 2018 03:39:15 PM (IST)

BJP protests against MCC for alleged misuse of administration-1

Mangaluru: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Mangaluru Unit, on Wednesday staged a protest alleging the ruling Congress party of misusing power, specifically on backdrop of former MLA JR Lobo trying to get an office space inside the MCC building.

Addressing the protestors, opposition party leader in Mangaluru City Corporation, Premananda Shetty said, "former MLA JR Lobo who was frustrated after losing the assembly elections is making an effort to obtain an office space in the MCC building. The MCC standing committee members have given the approval to run an office to JR Lobo neither bringing it to the notice of the Commissioner nor the members."

Premananda Shetty stated that while allotting any office or commercial complex to the general public, which in this case is Lobo, the MCC should adhere to certain rules and conditions of the government, but here, the Standing committee has gone ahead flouting the government rules on allotting office.

"Any office in government building should be alloted to general public through a tender process, which has been skipped here. Lobo may have intentions of misusing power by having office in the MCC," Shetty alleged and added that agenda such as renaming Town Hall as Kudmul Ranga Rao Hall, which was passed in the council unanimously is not being implemented by the Congress.
"We will raise this issue in the next council meeting," he said.

Former MLA Yogish Bhat, Corporator Roopa D Bangera, Sudhir Shetty and others were present in the protest.