Auto Matrix Mangaluru launches brand new SUV Tata Harrier

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Auto Matrix Mangaluru launches brand new SUV Tata Harrier

Auto Matrix Mangaluru launches brand new SUV Tata Harrier

Media Release   ¦    Feb 06, 2019 08:47:19 PM (IST)

Auto Matrix Mangaluru launches brand new SUV Tata Harrier-1

Mangaluru: Auto Matrix launches the brand new SUV edition ‘Tata Harrier’, here in the city on Wednesday, February 6.

The launch programme was organized in its Bejai showroom.

This much-awaited model was launched by chief guest Swami Jitakamananda, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math and Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission.

After launching, Swami Jitakamananda recalled the first meet of industrialist and founder of TATA, Jamsetji Tata and Swami Vivekananda’s meet on a ship.

He said, “Swami Vivekananda had advised Jamsetji Tata, to open a research institute to help seed new thoughts in India”.

RSVP of Auto Matrix Prashanth Mallya welcome the gathering and introduced the brand new model Tata Harrier and other variants of it.

It is to be noted that the Auto Matrix has gained 1000 on 1000 points, for its customer service, making it prime dealer of Tata automobiles and also customer friendly dealership.

Territory Manager, Sumita Gowda explained the specifications related to Tata Harrier and highlighted its features.

Director of Auto Matrix Rajkumar was also present during the occasion.

About Tata Harrier
Tata Motors in collaboration with Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture derived from Land Rover's Legendary D8 Architecture has come up with a stunning edition of SUV called Tata Harrier.

It has a KRYOTEC 2.0 Turbo charged diesel engine which delivers 140 ps pwer, 350 nm torque with 3 drive modes namely viz-a-viz Eco, City, Sports, and 3 terrain modes, Normal, Wet and Rough road. One engine has a capacity of delivering multi mode functions with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, providing a thrilling drive experience.

Tata Harrier comes in four variants namely, Calisto Copper, Thermisto Gold, Ocus White, Telesto Grey, and Ariel Silver.

This model will definitely grab the attention of the current generation with its acoustic tuned JBL supported four speakers and tweeters, sub woofers, 8.8 inch touch screen, voice alerts, WhatsApp message readout, message read out, making it a unique SUV to watch out for.

Auto Matrix has its branches at Bejai, Mangaluru or Bolwar and Puttur.