Airport cabbie, friend stabbed in Bajpe

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Airport cabbie, friend stabbed in Bajpe

Airport cabbie, friend stabbed in Bajpe

SC AN   ¦    Nov 08, 2018 10:51:27 PM (IST)

Airport cabbie, friend stabbed in Bajpe-1Mangaluru: Close on the heels of the violence that broke out at the Mangalore International Airport premises between airport taxi drivers and drivers of the ride-sharing apps- Ola and Uber, two people were stabbed on Thursday, November 8 in Bajpe near here.

Sarfaraz (30) and Eliyas (40), from Bajpe, are the persons injured in the alleged attack.

It is reported that Sarfaraz, who works at a fabrication company in Bajpe, is also a part-time pre-paid taxi driver at the airport.

It is said that while Sarfaraz was at his workplace, two men paid him a visit at around 7.30 PM and stabbed him while they were conversing. Eliyas, who tried to rescue Sarfaraz from the attackers was also stabbed.

While Sarfaraz was admitted to AJ Hospital with head injuries, Eliyas was admitted to Highland Hospital.

The Bajpe police have opened an investigation into the attack.