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Agnesians’ flash mob during centenary inaugural whips up fresh storm

Agnesians’ flash mob during centenary inaugural whips up fresh storm

Sc AL   ¦    Jan 15, 2018 06:16:44 PM (IST)

Agnesians’ flash mob during centenary inaugural whips up fresh storm-1

Mangaluru: The St. Agnes College's current and former students performing a flash mob at the inaugural of the premiere institution’s centenary celebrations, has whipped a fresh storm, especially on social media.

Many have questioned the police over their inaction, complaining of traffic jams on the busy road on Saturday, January 12.

As part of the centennial inaugural function of the century-old college, hundreds of students joined by the alumni, danced in unison as part of a flash mob to mark the occasion as well as enthrall the audience present, hindering the movement of the commuters. “Police do not permit flash protest on streets beyond 10 minutes and resort to quick arrests. In such a scenario, how were the college girls permitted to dance for a long time?," a few complained on social media, with raised eyebrows.

They contest that the presence of local MLA J R Lobo at the event, made the task of the event organisers easy allowing the street show go unhindered. Netizens are questioning the district administration and city police over the permission for such an event on the busy road.

People supporting the student community feel that the event being one-of-a-kind in a century, the police might have been lax in their approach. As the event took place at around 3 PM on a Saturday (a day on which banks and government offices remain closed), such hue and cry was not required, they opined citing that there were alternative routes available. The temporary blockade was due to surging crowds keen to witness the event and as such, the traffic moved slowly and was not totally blocked as alleged, they contend.

It may be noted that the three-year long centenary celebrations of the city's prestigious institution-St. Agnes College-began here on January 12 with Mangaluru South MLA J R Lobo unveiling the logo.