Vote counting: Tight security in Mandya

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Vote counting: Tight security in Mandya

Vote counting: Tight security in Mandya

L K   ¦    May 21, 2019 09:30:20 PM (IST)

Vote counting: Tight security in Mandya-1

Mandya: Mandya, considered the war zone of the Lok Sabha elections, is all set to start Lok Sabha vote counting amid tight security. CRPF, BSF, KSRP and DAR platoons have been deployed at the vote counting centres as well as in the entire district.

As per the Election Commission guidelines, 300 police personnel from the district and 100 more from neighbouring districts will be guarding the vote counting centre at the Government Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) and PG building.

The police will be using barricades, HHMD, DFMD and CCTV to control the unauthorised entry of people into the counting centre, said Superintendent of Police D Shivaprakash Devaraju.

The officers in charge of vote counting, candidates and their agents were instructed to reach the counting centre at the stipulated time and pass through the metal detector.

The counting staff or others inside will not be allowed to take tablets, laptops, mobile phones, weapons, explosives, matchbox, beedi–cigarettes, lighters and any other hazardous items inside the vote counting centre.

The general public should not park their vehicles on the road and footpaths and pose obstacles to easy movement of the vehicle.

The media persons can use mobile phones only inside the media centre.

Around 200 sensitive areas have been identified in the district. In these areas, the police will carry out picketing, mobile marching, supervising and caretaker mobile units will be deployed.

Separate vehicle parking has been arranged in different government office premises near the vote counting centre.

DC has clamped prohibitory orders in the district from May 22 midnight to May 24 midnight. Bar and restaurants, wine shops, clubs will remain closed and transportation, storage and sale of alcohol are also prohibited. The general public has been instructed to refrain from victory celebration, bursting of crackers, bike rallies and processions.