Manmohan Singh had ‘no say’ during UPA regime: S M Krishna

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Manmohan Singh had ‘no say’ during UPA regime: S M Krishna

Manmohan Singh had ‘no say’ during UPA regime: S M Krishna

SC L S   ¦    Feb 09, 2019 06:13:26 PM (IST)

Manmohan Singh had ‘no say’ during UPA regime: S M Krishna-1Photo Courtesy: B.M.Lavakumar Kaggodlu

Mandya: Former foreign affairs minister and current Bharatiya Janata Party leader S M Krishna has said that former prime minister Manmohan Singh had ‘no say’ within the cabinet during the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government.

Addressing a gathering at the BJP party workers meet here on Saturday, February 9, he said that Manmohan Singh being a prime minister had no powers in decision making and the current AICC President Rahul Gandhi was taking all the important decisions, as he was a part of the extra constitutional body.

Expressing the reason for his resignation, he said, “Rahul Gandhi had taken a decision that cabinet members who were above 80 years of age should be kept out and that’s the reason I walked out of UPA.”

Krishna went on to say that the situation within the UPA was such that the central government project documents that were to be implemented by Manmohan Singh were torn into pieces and a lot of things were taking place behind his back.

“Rahul Gandhi interfered in every decision”, said Krishna.

Meanwhile, he lauded the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) regime under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that it was a revolution that was observed in the year 2014 and that this government was successful in eradicating corruption.

He said that during UPA-II there were a number of corruptions like the 2G scam, Coal Gate and many more, but after Narendra Modi had become the prime minister, India has seen no corruption, but revolution.

Commenting on the state budget by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, he said, “As the coalition government is itself unstable, nothing much can be expected from the budget.”

He gave a call to all the BJP party workers that it was not enough if they just shout slogans for PM Modi, but also try and implement the plans that are laid out by him.