Mandya district police bags national award

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Mandya district police bags national award

Mandya district police bags national award

News Karnataka - Mandya   ¦    Jan 18, 2015 08:36:47 AM (IST)

Mandya: The Mandya district police have made Karnataka police force proud at national level by bagging a national award instituted by E-governance wing with is novel and first-of-its kind initiative of returning unclaimed vehicles lying in police stations since years to owners.

Mandya district police bags national award-1The cops' team led by SP Bhushan Gulabrao Borase will received during 18th national conference on E-Governance at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagara in Gujarat scheduled on January 30-31. Mandya police have bagged gold for its project "Effective vehicle database management to trace the owners of unclaimed vehicle lying in police station under category-V - Best district level initiative in citizen centric service delivery through Information and Communication Technology.

The officals those were awarded are SP Bhushan Gulabrao Borase and his police team members Akram Ali Khan, Chandrashekhar S, Yashwant N, Nithin H N and Navneeth N.

The initiative so far has brought smiles on the faces of 600 vehicle owners, who had almost lost hopes of getting back their vehicles. Mandya police are now on a mission to return all 1900 vehicles dumped in police stations across the district under their unique initiative which commenced a year ago.

A tractor owner lost interest in getting released the vehicle involved in a road accident due to lack of documents some 15 years ago. The tractor was lying at Srirangapatna police station and following death of her husband she lost interest in it. But the latest initiative has brought smiles on her face as she got her truck back. Likewise, a milk vendor who was struggling hard to vend milk after his vehicle was stolen a month ago too is elated. He was vending milk carrying milk container on his back following theft. But police initiative has come to his rescue.

What inspired Mandya police to take up this project was ugly look of police stations due to dumping of unclaimed vehicles since years perhaps decades. Nearly 90% vehicles were two-wheelers the rest four-wheelers, trucks and tractors and three-wheelers. We first recorded details like chassis and registration of all unclaimed 1900 vehicles lying across 30 police stations, explained SP Bhushan G Borase.

The vehicles that were in police stations were recovered from vehicle lifters, involved in road accidents, used for crimes or abandoned in public places. But since owners didn't claim them they were in police stations. We have sought RTO's assistance to trace the owner but due to delay in providing information police officers concerned too lost interest in it.

Bhushan claimed he wrote to Ministry of Road Transport and got permission to access to its portal to check details of vehicle owners. Today we have returned 600 vehicles to owners and shortly will dispose all vehicles. The SP said the property in form of unclaimed vehicles lying at police station was worth crores of rupees. We now want to develop a mobile based application to facilitate police officers to locate vehicle owners

Southern Range police chief IGP Bijay Kumar Singh supported this project. DG & IGP Lalrokhuma Pachau has congratulated the team and expressed that the project would be implemented across the state, according to the SP.